Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Repco Supercars Pro Eseries Pink Fundracer?

Repco Supercars Pro Eseries has teamed up with world-leading breast cancer clinical trials research organisation Breast Cancer Trials to host the Pink Fundracer Challenge to help save lives.

Drivers in the 2020 Eseries will not only go head-to-head on the track, they’ll be racing each other to the top of the Pink Fundracer leaderboard this October. 

From now until Round 1 of the Eseries, we invite you to donate to the Pink Fundracer website, choosing which driver/team you’d like to see make it to the top of the Pink Fundracer leaderboard. 

By donating, you can help your favourite team/driver make it to the top of the leaderboard, but most importantly, you’ll be supporting research to save more lives from breast cancer.

How do I make a donation to the Pink Fundracer challenge?

You can donate to the Pink Fundracer challenge via this page:

You can choose a driver/team to donate to or you can make a direct donation to the campaign.

If I don’t have a favourite driver/team on the leaderboard, can I still make a donation?

Yes, you do not need to choose a driver or team to make a donation. You can make a direct donation to the Pink Fundracer challenge here:

Are the drivers/teams being paid to take part in the Pink Fundracer challenge?

No, all drivers and teams are donating their time to be involved in the Pink Fundracer challenge. All money raised will support our life-saving breast cancer clinical trials research.

Can I sponsor more than one driver?

The Pink Fundracer challenge will run until and during Round 1 of the Repco Supercars Pro Eseries on 28 October.

What if I can’t watch the Repco Supercars Pro Eseries Pink Fundracer Round Live?

If you are unable to watch the Pink Fundracer Round live, you can still donate to support the challenge. You can donate here:

How can I watch the Repco Supercars Pro Eseries Pink Fundracer Round?

The Pink Fundracer Round will be broadcast live on Fox Sports, Kayo, Supercars Facebook, Twitch and YouTube on 28 October from 7:30PM.

Will my donation be tax deductible and will I receive a receipt?

Yes, all donations over $2 are tax deductible. You will receive a tax deductible receipt as soon as you make your donation.

Where does my donation go?

All donations will support Breast Cancer Trials, the only independent, collaborative research organisation in Australia and New Zealand committee to clinical trials in breast cancer.

All the significant advances in breast cancer treatments and prevention which are today saving lives have come through clinical trials research.  A clinical trial is the critical step for final evaluation and regulatory approval before a treatment or prevention can be made widely available to those in need.

Breast cancer is not the same in every person. That’s why our clinical trials research focuses on identifying treatments tailored to each person, their type and stage of breast cancer, and their individual patient needs.  We adopt a whole person approach seeking to improve quality of life and the emotional wellbeing of people affected by breast cancer and reducing side effects of treatment.

How can I learn more about Breast Cancer Trials?

Breast Cancer Trials is a unique collaboration of over 800 researchers, people who participate in our trials and our generous supporters, working together to save and improve the lives of every person affected by breast cancer.    You can learn more here.