Race For A Cure

In Australia this year, more than 20,000 people will sit across from a doctor and hear the frightening words ‘you have breast cancer’. 

That’s 56 people and their families every day that you can give hope to by supporting Race For A Cure

Race For A Cure is an annual initiative created by Ben, Toula and Michael Kavich. Ben and Michael participate in the Bathurst 6 Hour event held every Easter, hoping to raise both awareness and funds for the life-saving research conducted by Breast Cancer Trials.

Since starting Race For A Cure in 2017, the Kavich family has raised over $175,000 for Breast Cancer Trials research. 

Having personally experienced breast cancer, the Kavich’s aim to combine their love and talent for motorsports to help spare as many Australian families as possible from the heartache and loss caused by breast cancer.

About Breast Cancer Trials 

Breast Cancer Trials conducts Australia's only independent clinical trials research program, bringing together 800+ researchers in hospitals and medical institutions across the country.

We are on the front line of breast cancer treatment and care. We see the impact breast cancer has on people every day and want to end the pain and loss it causes.

Through global collaboration with other organisations, our research has impacted millions of lives over the last 40 years.

Today, a woman diagnosed with early-stage HER2-positive breast cancer can be treated with Herceptin, which significantly improves her chance of long-term survival.
The HERA clinical trial made this breakthrough possible.

Today, some women at high risk of breast cancer can take Tamoxifen or an Aromatase Inhibitor. Both were proven in landmark prevention breast cancer clinical trials.

Today, a young woman with breast cancer, has an increased chance of being able to have children after chemotherapy treatment. This is thanks to a drug proven in the POEMS clinical trial

While there have been wonderful improvements in breast cancer treatment over the years we can't afford to ease up.

There are still too many women who urgently need treatments for their breast cancer.

They need treatments that don't leave them with long-term side effects.

They need treatments that will stop their breast cancer spreading or returning.

You can help make more life-changing and life-saving advances possible by donating to Breast Cancer Trials.

Thank you to our generous sponsor

The Race For A Cure fundraising initiative continues to be supported by our Official Marketing Sponsor, Yellow Pages.

This partnership is very special to Ben and Michael whose father Tony Kavich, also a successful racing car driver, held the world-first Motorsport and Yellow Pages partnership in 1984

By proudly supporting Race For A Cure, Yellow Pages is demonstrating their ongoing commitment to stop breast cancer threatening the lives, hopes and dreams of all those affected by this horrible disease. 

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