Dayne Warren, Mobil 1 Middys Racing

Help support Breast Cancer Trials!

Thanks to Supercars and Breast Cancer Trials, we've been given a pretty special opportunity to help get behind and support a very important cause while doing something we love in the 'Pink Fundracer'.

It's no surprise that cancer is a horrible and devastating disease, with up to 54 people per day being diagnosed with breast cancer alone. Not long ago I lost my grandmother to cancer, and while it wasn't due to breast cancer specifically, it brought to life just how real and common this issue is.

Unfortunately this disease isn't due to leave us anytime soon, so by supporting the cause and trying to raise as much money as we can, we can hopefully contribute to one day overcoming this life crushing disease.

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William Warren

Great driving mate !!



Should be very proud of yourself, for being a part of raising funds in support of such an important cause. Wish you all the best in the Pro Eseries and hope you reach the goal you have set out.


Sonia Warren

So proud of all you have achieved my boy and for supporting a great cause. Good luck to you and Josh on the up coming eseries.


Brian Perry


Ethan Warren


Matthew Kefford

good on ya


Thomas Mcmillan

Good luck this season Dayne