Emily Jones, BP Ultimate Racing

Help fund clinical trials for breast cancer

Breast cancer is something that's personally affected my life in multiple ways.

I lost my mum in 2013 after a long battle with breast cancer. This year my aunt passed away after being diagnosed with breast cancer as well.

My family has been hit hard, and it's something that myself and everyone else in my family need to be aware of as we get older as well.

54 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every day, and I want to help ensure they get the treatment they need to survive.

By donating to my page, you'll help fund clinical trials that are finding new ways to treat, prevent and ultimately cure breast cancer.

It's a very important cause that affects so many of our loved ones. I'd love for you to make a donation to Breast Cancer Trials.

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Race For A Cure


Andrew Fraser

Thank you for fighting for a worthy cause


Sue Jones

Proud of you Emily



Great cause Emily!


Jonny Smith



Emily Jones

This is a cause that means a lot to myself and my family. I'd like to do my part, no matter how small - to help with the fight against breast cancer


Riven Thaing



Julia Jones


Geraldine Olle

Well done Emily! So proud of you xx


John Olle

Go Emily!!


Tom Mcconnell


Mike Harper

Go get ‘em - first time I’ve watched e-sports!! Stop looking out the window tho’


Steve Ackland

Go fast and safely


Karen Ptaszendki

Go Emily!! Love you lots. I miss my sisters so very much. How proud they would be of you Xxxx


David & Daniela Mathers

A great cause Emily, we are all very proud of you


Dragredsim (drs)

If you go as fast on the track as you do fundraising here, they’ll all be in your mirrors :)


Cody Haggerty


Mark Bampton Aka "coolbluesmurf"

Hey Em, just keep them eyes forward, Go Fast, and Stay Safe <3


Jamie Law

Good luck in the E-Series!


Paul Fairbairn

Good luck!


Andrew Johns

good luck em!




Sean Slater


Charles Boshell


Linda Shaw

A great cause, Em. Best wishes for your racing.


Melissa Greig

Good Luck Em !


Michaela Jones

Go, fight, win! Show them how it's done <3



Good luck reaching your goal!